The Void with Christina is created by an Australian freelance producer, interviewer, editor and shooter that specialises in rock music-based content. I have written, hosted and edited more than 200 interviews with some of the world’s most iconic and interesting rock bands including Slayer, Motorhead, Alice in Chains, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Napalm Death and High on Fire. My interviews have earned more than 7 million YouTube views and an unusually enthusiastic and respectful comments section.

Three years ago I launched a YouTube channel which I write, produce, host and edit called The Void with Christina. Prior to this, I hosted and produced a heavy metal interview show for a music TV channel and toured with Australia’s biggest rock, punk and metal festival on over four years as the only crew backstage. I’ve also shot and edited a series of well-received live performance videos capturing rock artists in their element.

Over the last few years producing and independently funding The Void, the goals for the channel have evolved. The success of archive-based documentaries like “No One Hits Harder Than Vinnie Paul: A Tribute Interview Special”, “Who Cares: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple In The Studio,” “What Is Extreme Music?” and interviews like Max and Iggor Return to Roots have demonstrated a real audience for the next step for the YouTube channel, crafting multi-faceted stories from new interviews with the heavy musicians that matter most.

The Void with Christina is an outlet for sharing the untold history of underground music, heavy music; our music.  Music interview-based documentary-style content may be more labour intensive, but I believe wholeheartedly there is an enormous audience for good quality music documentaries and interviews with bands who have thrived outside the traditional industry and the festivals that introduce them to a global audience.

As an experienced interviewer, I believe in extensive research, original questions, active listening and a balance of irreverent humour and the fearless exploration of deeper issues. I’m also a firm believer in the power of lean crews. For the vast majority of my career, producing world-class music content has involved a great cinematographer (or two) and myself as producer, director, editor and co-shooter. It is important when traversing backstage or festival environments to be as polite and unobtrusive as possible. To seamlessly integrate into the travelling circus, and ask the uncommon questions to create truly unique content.

My primary focus right now is working on exponentially increasing output for The Void with Christina YouTube channel through building more concrete support with viewers and likeminded brands to – as Wayne Campbell once said – do Wayne’s World for a living  (ideally without monkeys flying out of my butt). Wayne Campbell had an extensive collection of name tags and hair nets. I’ve racked up considerable stress and sleep debt. It is time to focus on YouTube full-time and make a lot more content, with great bands, brands, festivals – people who bring wild and wonderful music to life, all over the planet.


My story

What drove me to spend most of the last ten years outside day jobs and university hunched over an edit? My story began when I scored a gig making tea, getting lunch, answering the phones and taking bookings at the legendary Studios 301 Mastering, my first full-time job. I spent most of my time there hanging out with bands, learning how to work with artists and operate in the industry from my boss who had run the studio for almost two decades. I fell in love with being around music being made.

A few years later I worked my way up from the reception desk to content producer and editor for the Channel [V] website in the early days of digital content. This entailed, amongst other things, doing phone interviews with a wide range of artists, flying to festivals to snap live photos, doing phone interviews, writing reviews and editing video content. When I was offered an interview with Sebastian Bach, I knew it had to be on film. This evolved into the short-lived Metal on [V], a YouTube-based show for Australian music TV station Channel [V] where I interviewed leading heavy metal artists. The YouTube show also had an on-air element where featured interview subjects also hosted a Rage-style Sunday evening clip show. It rated well and earned tons of positive YouTube comments and viewer support.

After I independently funded shooting interviews with four of my favourite bands on the 2010 Soundwave Festival, the festival called and offered me the opportunity to host and produce the festival’s official backstage YouTube channel, Australia’s biggest rock, punk and heavy metal festival the following year. Over four national festival tours (2011-2014) for the YouTube channel sponsored by Sonos, Deezer and Spotify, I produced 120 episodes (and 5 million views) with festival bands that were filmed at the airport, backstage and on the road with the festival. We ran a 24 hour edit on the road and produced just under 40 episodes in 10 days in our most prolific year. We also swam with sharks, on film.

During this period I was contacted by Jon Dee, the architect of the all-start Smoke on The Water sessions in 1990. He asked me to fly to London to shoot members of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple in the studio as they recorded a song to raise funds for the children of Armenia, 20 years after the earthquake. In December 2018 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the earthquake, the documentary I edited/produced that captured the day was released on The Void YouTube channel.

As I build The Void with Christina, I bring all I’ve learned over my music industry career to create music content that will live forever on YouTube. You can check out my latest work on The Void with Christina YouTube channel or podcast, and follow me on Instagram. Thanks for reading, watching, listening, commenting. You make it worthwhile.