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Cowboy Bob’s “Security City” Playlist of Australian Punk Rock

Hailing from the majestic town of Yeppoon, “Cowboy” Bob Lee is a legend of Brisbane rock and roll. With a rock rap sheet that includes starring roles in such enigmatic acts as “They Might Be Vaginas,” “The Vaginabillies” and his recent solo effort “Cowboy Bob’s War on Terror,” today he shares with us: “A playlist of the limited Australian punk rock and roll on the Spotify. Most of the best stuff is on 7″s and hasn’t made it to the digital world. The Saints and X are the greatest Australian bands and yours isn’t.” Listen on Spotify.

Named for The Saints’ excellent song about Brisbane, mangoes and fucking the police, “Security City” – a song that boasts lines like “Thirteen hot nights in a row/ The cops drive past and they move slow/ A million people staying low/ With mangoes ripe, who needs to grow?” – is a sick garage rock soundtrack to disgustingly humid nights in the City of Brisbane, with bands hailing from all around our fine sunburned land. May you marvel at Bob’s magic selection, and if you care to – meet the man himself in the video above. Watch on YouTube.

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Security City Playlist by Cowboy Bob

The Saints – Nights in Venice
Scientists – Solid Gold Hell
Radio Birdman – Burn My Eye ’78
Screaming Tribesmen – 2 Blind Mice
Beasts of Bourbon – Junkie Girlfriends
Bored – Satisfaction
Splatterheads – Fake Smile
Coloured Balls – Devil’s Disciple
Buffalo – Sunrise (Come My Way)
Supernaut – I Like It Both Ways
Powder Moneys – Positive Crapple Street
Cosmic Psychos – Looky Like
Lubricated Goat – Bad Times
Massapeal – Elitist Shit
X – Suck Suck
Custard – We Are The Parents (Our Parents Warned Us About)
The Saints – Brisbane (Security City)
The Celibate Rifles – Kev The Head

Bob is also infamous for the Rock N Roll BBQ, a delightful smorghasboard of excellent music. Check out our live clips and interviews, filmed in 2015 at the beautiful Triffid below or watch on YouTube.

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