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Primitive Man: The Void with Christina Podcast Ep #75

This week’s podcast guest is Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Man. The Denver-based band savages ears like a concrete sledge of granite-tipped sonic violence that intensifies gravity. More importantly, it feels wildly original. Their latest album is called “Caustic.” It isn’t just a clever name. It is caustic. It never once pulls back until all of the sludgy doom has been dumped on you. In this week’s show, I talk to extremely chill founding member Ethan McCarthy about the impending doom of the Apocalypse, making art, the merits of ridiculous music, talking shit in grindcore documentaries and his mind-bending moment with Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Where should Primitive Man be experienced? In a crypt. Note: sailor-level swearing from all involved throughout the show. Listen where podcasts live: on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Radio Podcasts.

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