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Corinne Gibbons: The Void with Christina Podcast Ep #81

This week’s guest on The Void with Christina podcast is Australian singer and songwriter Corinne Gibbons. Corinne has been living the nomadic travelling artist life since she fell in love with making music as a teenager. She is now an accomplished singer/songwriter who has collaborated with some of the world’s most talented musicians over the last two decades. We discuss her creative process, what she has learned from collaborating with talented artists (and children) in Indigenous communities and what the elders can teach us all about time. She also shares some sage advice for any musician looking to live the dream. Check out more at Corinne’s website Discover Your Voice where you can learn how to sing in harmony alongside your tribe or follow her on Facebook.

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“If you’re an artist, find your tribe. And don’t ever hesitate. If you’re drawn to work with somebody, or an experience, and you get really excited by it, follow the instinct. It has been such a valuable part of my journey. It has led to some of the most extraordinary collaborations and opportunities that went way beyond my expectations.” – Corinne Gibbons



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